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OpenTox Association formation, OpenTox Euro 2015

Following up on the initial OpenTox project which was funded by the EU under FP7, OpenTox has developed as an open standards platform supporting application and infrastructure development in predictive toxicology and safety assessment. The OpenTox Association was founded 27 March this year as an international member-based non-profit association.

The purpose of the Association is to promote the community-based exchange and use of open knowledge, software, methods, tools, data, reference resources, and standards in the scientific activities of predictive toxicology, safety assessment and risk management, including the 3Rs goal of the Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of Animal Testing. Working groups have been formed which working virtually on an ongoing basis to elaborate further the open standards and integrating resources approach developed by the OpenTox community.

The OpenTox Euro 2015 meeting takes place 30 Sept - 2 Oct in Dublin, Ireland. The conference theme is Reproducible High Quality Safety Science on Complex Systems and will include conference sessions on Information Requirements & Standards, Characterisation of Systems, High Content Screening, Metabolism,  Modelling Cellular Perturbations & Responses, Linking Parameters & Evidence across Scales, Simulation, Systems Biology and Knowledge Integration Supporting Decision Making.

OpenTox Association Working group meetings will be held on the topics of Application Programming Interfaces, Adverse Outcome Pathways, Data and Metadata Standards and Resource Deployment. The meeting will also include a General Assembly of the Association in addition to hands-on modelling and analysis sessions, poster session and knowledge cafes.

To submit an abstract for the meeting:

(Deadlines: 31 July for speaker program, 31 August for posters)

Information and updates on the program will be posted at:


Barry Hardy

President, OpenTox Association

On behalf of the Organising Committee


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