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The OpenTox Framework provides tools for the integration of data from various sources (public and confidential), for the generation and validation of computer models for toxic effects, libraries for the development and seamless integration of new algorithms, and scientifically sound validation routines. OpenTox is relevent for users from a variety of research areas: Topkapi Place Arches
• Toxicological and chemical experts (e.g. risk assessors, drug designers, researchers)
• computer model developers and algorithm developers
• non specialists requiring access to Predictive Toxicology models and data

The OpenTox project moves beyond existing attempts to solve individual research issues within this area, by providing a flexible, extensible, and interoperable framework that integrates existing solutions and resources as well as enabling more effective development of new applications.

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For further information on OpenTox programs or to discuss opportunities and potential for collaboration or your requirements as a user, please contact the project coordinator Dr. Barry Hardy at: barry.hardy [at], Tel: +41 61 851 0170.

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