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OpenTox Development

This is the developers area of the OpenTox project. It is open to the general public, if you want to participate actively in OpenTox development and discussions you should register.

What is OpenTox?

OpenTox is a framework for the integration of algorithms for predicting chemical toxicity using the following approaches:

  • components for specialized tasks (e.g. database lookups, descriptor calculation, classification, regression, report generation) that communicate through well defined language independent interfaces
  • example applications that demonstrate the capabilities of OpenTox components for specific Use Cases.

    The framework supports building multiple applications, as well as providing components for third party applications.

  • The framework guarantees the portability of components by enforcing language independent interfaces. Implementation of an integration component in a specific language/platform automatically ports the entire OpenTox framework to that language/platform. 

  • OpenTox supports the use of standards for the description of toxicology data, models and reporting.

  • OpenTox components are implemented using REST web services designed for compliance with standardised OpenTox Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
    You can find a list of currently available components under the Components tab. Most of them still have to be implemented as webservices.

  • OpenTox supports the use of Ontologies for controlled vocabulary use, representation and integration of data, and resource description.   OpenTox supports the creation and integration of resources for algorithms, model creation, validation, and reporting


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