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XML Schema

A description of OpenTox work with regards to XML schema.

Evaluations of XML schema including ToxML and OECD Harmonised Templates (HTs) were carried out during the first year of the OpenTox project.  The results of the initial evaluations were presented in the OpenTox ontology evaluation report (February 2009) which is available in the reports area of the site.

A number of subsequent analyses were performed successfully mapping a number of databases to the two schema, and overcoming some problems identified in the initial February 2009 report. The ISSCAN carcinogenicity database was fully mapped to ToxML’s XSD schema and partially to the OECD-HT schema. Additional mapping exercises included those for aquatic toxicity (EPAFHM in DSSTox), repeated doses toxicity (FITEM-REPDOSE), endocrine disruptors (NCTRER in DSSTox), and a second carcinogenicity database (CPDBAS in DSSTox). The ISS In vivo micronucleus and Bacterial mutagenesis databases and the RepDose FITEM database were fully mapped to ToxML XSD schema, with in each case valid XML documents (against ToxML XSD schema) obtained.

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