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OpenTox API objects ontology

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OWL file, containing description of all OpenTox objects, as defined in the API 1.1 . This is used to describe object, relationships between them and generate object's RDF representations. Changes in validation objects to take non-binary classification tasks into account, by Martin Gütlein, 2009-12-10 Redone changes with protege 3, to ensure valid OWL DL, Martin Gütlein, 2009-12-15 Introduced support for feature tuples, as per request by Christoph Helma on 2009-12-15, file uploaded 2009-12-30 Future development note: In future this ontology may be split into several smaller ones which represent the components of the ontology - Algorithms, Features, Models etc. in order to assure easier access to them. And an opentox.owl will be importing all of those subdomain ontologies in order to represent the common framework of the project and project domain. Added support for data types of features 2010-01-04. Added subclasses of features,representing chemical identifiers. 2010-01-11.

opentox.owl — application/rdf+xml, 47Kb

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