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Build a Model Based on In Vitro Data

Summary: In this tutorial, you will build a predictive model based on in-vitro data using OpenTox web services by means of both a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the command line. Several models can be built and inspected.


Learn to handle searching facilities, data representation, and API of the OpenTox framework, specifically in the context of in-vitro data.


1.    Inspect data from US EPA's Toxcast Program.
2.    Select in vitro assays based on correlation to an in-vivo endpoint.
3.    Use the ToxCreate webapplication to create a model

a.    Fill the data into an Excel Sheet
b.    Create the model
c.    Make a prediction

4.    Create a model using the Opentox API

a.    Locate data on the ambit webservice.
b.    Create a model on the command line using curl.
c.    Make a prediction.
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