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Exercises carried out in the workshop held at the OpenTox 2011 InterAction Meeting

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A. Use ToxPredict to obtain REACH-relevant information on compounds
David Gallagher, Barry Hardy (More Information ...)

B. Use ToxCreate to build a (Q)SAR model
Christoph Helma, David Vorgrimmler (More Information ...)

C. Validation and Reporting of Models
Andreas Maunz, Harry Sarimveis (More Information ...)

D. Create and run Workflows across OpenTox services
Joerg Wicker, Fabian Buchwald (More Information ...)

E. Generate Predictions and their QPRF Reports
Pantelis Sopasakis, Sunil Chawla (More Information ...)

F. Predict Metabolites of Compounds
Patrik Rydberg, Nina Jeliazkova (More Information ...)

G. Apply Bioclipse and OpenTox to modify Chemical Structure to remove Toxicity
Ola Spjuth (More Information ...)

H. Build a Weight of Evidence for Drug Candidate Molecules
Roman Affentranger, Indira Ghosh (More Information ...)

I. Visualise and Explore Chemical Feature Space of a Dataset
Martin G├╝tlein, Andreas Karwath (More Information ...)

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