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Abstracts of accepted speaker presentations

Page Meta-analysis of a Battery Test of Reproductive Toxicity Assays
Page Next Generation of Adaptive Integrated Testing Strategies for Skin Sensitization
Page Integrated Data Analysis of in vitro Testing Approaches Advancing Biotech Product Development and Safety Evaluation
Page Systems Biology Approaches Supported by Microdevice Engineering
Page Extending the scope: Integrating molecular interaction and pathway data
Page A review of Data Fusion Methodology and Applications in the context of Dose Response Assessment and Human Health Risk Assessment
Page Toxicology Data Curation, Integration and Analysis for ToxCast Datasets
Page Using Adverse Outcome Pathways to Group Chemicals into Toxicologically Relevant Categories
Page Enabling decision support for chemical safety assessment
Page Applications of QSAR in Drug Discovery
Page Prediction of cytochrome P450 mediated metabolism
Page Web Tools for Predictive Toxicology Model Building
Page Mathematically modelling the induction of xenobiotic-metabolising and transporter enzymes
Page Dependence between Models and Tests in Predictive Toxicology
Page Modeling Ames Mutagenicity Using Machine learning methods – A comparative study
Page In-silico Prediction of Drug Phototoxicity
Page The Role of High Content Toxicology and In Silico Modelling in Identifying Toxic Liabilities
Page Mining the FDA Adverse Events Databases for Predictive Toxicology
Page Development of Pharmaceutical QSAR Models for Regulatory Purposes
Page Repurposing of drug label information to create actionable intelligence with BioWisdom's Metawise.
Page Mechanism-based Applications of Toxicology Ontology
Page Satisfying REACH Requirements with OpenTox
Page Toxicology Model Building based on –Omics datasets
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