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Merge Datasets - Upload two datasets and merge them

This is a more complex workflow, so it is provided in the .zip file downloaded from the introduction page of this tutorial (or again here from here) under the file name "upload_and_merge_datasets.t2flow". The workflow uploads two data sets to the Ambit OpenTox dataset service and merges them into one single dataset. The resulting data set is provided by the link to the data set online and the content of the SDF file.

When opened, the workflow should be displayed as shown here:

Upload and merge datasets

To run the workflow click the Run button. This opens the input values dialog. Set a file for both data sets by selecting the dataset 1 and dataset 2 tab and clicking "Set fi le location..." on each tab.

Specify file

Afterwards, click "Run workflow". In the results section, all the output ports of the workflow are represented by a tab. "result_dataset_uri" is the URI of the merged dataset. You can copy it and open it in a browser or use it in OpenTox. "result_dataset_content" is an rdf representation of the result dataset, you can save it using the "Save value" button. To see the results, you have to click the tab, for each tab click "Value 1" which stores the results:

Upload and merge: results 1


Upload and merge: results 2



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