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Discuss and save the report


The final tab in the main view of Q-edit is the "Discussion" tab. There, the user is expected to provide a discussion on the regulatory purpose and the regulatory interpretation of the result, to elaborate on the outcome of the prediction, and to reach conclusions.

Saving the report

A report can be saved in Q-edit's own binary format (.ro file) using File -> Save, or using the "Save Current Report" button in the toolbar of the Q-edit (the button that looks like a small compact disc or DVD). Reports saved in this format can be re-opened later to continue working on the report.

Finished reports can be exported to PDF format using the "Export to PDF" button in Q-edit's toolbar (the yellow Acrobat-like button).

Issues with Q-edit

We're pretty fast in fixing issues with Q-edit, so if you notice any bugs or have some improvement in mind please file an issue at - for that you need a github account which you can create here. Github will automatically notify you by email once there is an update on your issue.

Evaluation Form

Please fill out the Evaluation Form.


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