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Poster Session

The poster session of the OpenTox 2011 InterAction Meeting took place at the IMETUM Building at the Technical Univeristy of Munich, Thursday, 11 August, 15:30 - 17.30 CEST.

  1. Ahmed Abdelaziz (Helmholtz Zentrum München): Active and Reactive Metabolites Formed During Hepatic First-Pass: Simulations Featuring Their Contribution to the Overall Effect in Altered Liver Clearance and Drug-Drug Interactions (Abstract)
  2. Roman Affentranger (Douglas Connect): A Weight-of-Evidence Approach to Prioritisation based on Consensus across Multiple Sources of Information (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  3. Scott Auerbach (NIEHS): Bioinformatics-based identification of assays that inform on disease hazard (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  4. Stefan Brandmaier (Helmholtz Zentrum München): Stepwise D-Optimal design based on latent variables (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  5. Fabian Buchwald (Technical University Munich): LoMoGraph (Local Models for Graph Classification and Regression) (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  6. Steve Enoch (Liverpool John Moores University): Defining Protein Reactivity Through Electrophilic Chemistry to Allow for Chemical Grouping and Read-Across (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  7. Tobias Girschick (Technical University Munich): SiSi3D: Using Significantly Similar Subgraphs for Similarity Search in 3D (Abstract)
  8. Jean Babtiste Hzounda Fokou (University of Yaoundé I): Predictive toxicity of Chemicals of the essential oils of Ocimum gratissimum L. from Yaoundé (Center region Cameroon) and Dschang (West region Cameroon) (Abstract)
  9. Smita Jagtap (University of Cologne): In vitro embryotoxicity testing with human embryonic stem cells reveals markers for all-trans-retinoic acid (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  10. Nina Jeliazkova (IdeaConsult): Data integration. A case study (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  11. Rama Kaalia (Jawaharlal Nehru University): Toxicity Prediction using Support Vector Machines and Random Forest Models based on Maximum Common Substructure Based Algorithm (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  12. Robert Körner (eADMET GmbH): In silico pKa prediction (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  13. Andreas Maunz (Freiburg University): Elaborate Graph Mining: Exploiting Structural Invariants and Latent Information in Graph Databases to predict REACH-relevant Endpoints (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  14. Kesavan Meganathan (University of Cologne): Global transcriptional profiling of time dependent multilineage differentiation of human embryonic stem cells and its implications for developmental toxicity assessments (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  15. Georgia Melagraki (NovaMechanics Ltd): Ligand-based in silico modeling for the prediction and the identification of Tpl2 inhibitors (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  16. N. S. Hari Narayana Moorthy (University of Porto): Pharmacophore based screening and QSAR analysis of structurally diverse compounds for lead selection and optimization against multiple targets (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  17. Ahmad Nawaz (INRA): Mixture Risk Assessment of Atrazine, Chlorpyrifos and Endosulfan (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  18. Sergii Novotarskyi (eADMET GmbH): Using docking-derived protein-ligand interaction descriptors to increase performance of QSAR models for human CYP450 inhibition (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  19. Katarzya Przybylak (Liverpool John Moores University): In Silico Modelling of Phospholipidosis: Improving Predictive Performance Through the Use of Structural Fragments (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  20. Ullrika Sahlin (Linneaus University): Predictive uncertainty by analogy – does it make sense? (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  21. Madeleine Seeland (Technical University Munich): Parallel Structural Graph Clustering (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  22. Marguerite Simo (University of Yaoundé I): In vitro antiradical, antidermatophyte and anti-inflammatory activities of essential oils of two aromatic plants, Apium graveolens (Apiaceae) and Thymus vulgaris (Lamiaceae) (Abstract)
  23. Kumari Sonal (IGIB): Curation and analysis of  Polyketide Metabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Abstract)
  24. Jonna Stålring (AstraZeneca): Assessment of the complementarity of machine learning methods in QSAR modeling using AZOrange (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  25. Andrzej Stanisławczyk (AGH University of Science and Technology): Machine Learning Methods for Peptide Toxicity Prediction (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  26. Iurii Sushko (eADMET GmbH): Applicability domain estimation for classification QSARs on example of Ames test and CYP450 inhibition (Abstract)
  27. Priti Vishnoi (Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology): KnockTB: Repository of Essential genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Abstract)
  28. Ralf Arno Wess (Harlan Laboratories Ltd.): Non-testing strategies - a tiered approach (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  29. Joerg Wicker (Technical University Munich): An Extensive Multi-label Analysis of the ToxCast Data Set (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  30. Martin Gütlein (University of Freiburg): CheS-Mapper: Chemical Space Mapping and Visualization in 3D (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  31. Roman Affentranger (Douglas Connect): Collaborative Virtual Organization and Infrastructure for Anti-Malarial Drug Design (Abstract) (Poster Download)
  32. Paul Bradley (BioWisdom): Repurposing of drug label information to create actionable intelligence with BioWisdom's Metawise (Abstract) (Poster Download)





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