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OpenTox 2011 Knowledge Cafe

Participants will discuss a range of topics in predictive toxicology in small groups.


A. Mechanistic Strategies - What are the key innovations needed to accelerate progress?

B. Predictive Metabolism - What is needed for a complete and reliable prediction of metabolites?

C. Computational Chemistry - Emerging challenges and opportunities in receptor-mediated predictive toxicology

D. Systems Biology - How can we bridge the divide between modelling molecular pathways and quantitative prediction at the organelle level?

E. Regulatory Needs - How do we accelerate the acceptance of emerging scientific methods in regulatory applications?

F. Kinetics - Extrapolating in vitro data to model human hazard and exposure

G. Weight of Evidence - Developing holistic approaches to compound profiling and prioritisation decision making

H. Read Across and Categories - What are the key components for a more rigorous approach to a best practice?


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