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Tutorial Files

Folder for tutorial files

Folder Build a QSAR
Files related to the tutorial "Use ToxCreate to Build and Validate a Predictive QSAR Model"
Folder Developer Tutorial
Folder Drug Discovery
Files related to the tutorial "Drug Discovery Predictive Toxicology Application"
Folder ToxCast Model
Files related to the tutorial "Build a Model Based on In Vitro Data"
Folder Query and Access Data
Files associated with the tutorial "Query and Access Toxicity Data"
Folder ToxPredict
Files associated with the tutorial "Predict the Toxicity of a Compound using ToxPredict"
Folder Advanced Validation
Files associated with the turorial "Validate Your QSAR Model and Create a Report (for Advanced Users or Developers)
Folder MaxTox Tutorial
Maxtox is a suite of models to predict toxicity of novel compounds based on their similarity to compounds with known toxicities. Compounds forming a model have the same Endpoint Toxicity. Note for developers : Currently MaxTox is working without A&A.
Reflector Downloads
Folder WeightOfEvidence
Folder Q-edit
Folder Taverna
Access OpenTox Web Services via the Taverna workflow management system.
Folder Bioclipse
Files for the Bioclipse-OpenTox tutorial
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