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RDF files

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File OpenTox API objects ontology
OWL file, containing description of all OpenTox objects, as defined in the API 1.1 . This is used to describe object, relationships between them and generate object's RDF representations. Changes in validation objects to take non-binary classification tasks into account, by Martin Gütlein, 2009-12-10 Redone changes with protege 3, to ensure valid OWL DL, Martin Gütlein, 2009-12-15 Introduced support for feature tuples, as per request by Christoph Helma on 2009-12-15, file uploaded 2009-12-30 Future development note: In future this ontology may be split into several smaller ones which represent the components of the ontology - Algorithms, Features, Models etc. in order to assure easier access to them. And an opentox.owl will be importing all of those subdomain ontologies in order to represent the common framework of the project and project domain. Added support for data types of features 2010-01-04. Added subclasses of features,representing chemical identifiers. 2010-01-11.
File Example (TURTLE)
Same as Example (OWL), but in TURTLE notation
Article Compound
OpenTox representation of a compound
Article Feature
We still need a way to access information about the Features. Defining Features as rdf:Property (predicates) makes impossible using them as rdf:Classes, which is necessary in many cases. Now Features are defined as owl:Classes.
Article Algorithm
Algorithm is a parent class of all algorithms, including machine learning and descriptor calculations.
Article Dataset
Dataset encapsulates compounds and their features. In order to model higher order relationships, two new classes have been introduced in OpenTox resource ontology - namely FeatureValue and DataEntry. FeatureValue encapsulates the relationship Feature - hasValue - Value. DataEntry encapsulates the relationship Compound - has values for specific -Features. A dataset consists of multiple DataEntries. These classes can be represented as anonymous classes in RDF notations, as in the example. Triple stores will generate separate triples for all involved binary relationships.
Article Model
A Model is created by applying an Algorithm with specific parameters on a training Dataset.
Article Validation
Validation. The RDF representation is created to be as close as possible to original XML proposal.
File Example (RDF/XML)
An OWL file, based on OpenTox objects ontology and consisting of example instances for all objects. Can be used as example RDF representation of objects.
File Endpoints ontology
Hierarchy of endpoints, as defined by ECHA guide, in OWL format
Article Ontology service
What is an Ontology service and how to use
File Algorithm Types ontology
Algorithm Types, as defined by OpenTox, in OWL format
File BlueObelisk Algorithm ontology
A copy of Blue Obelisk algorithm ontology from
Folder Screenshots
A placeholderfor screenshots from Protege editor and other software
Folder Java developers only
OpenTox API resources for Java developers
Article Overview
What's this all about
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