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Molecular Editors

Posted by Maunz Andreas at Sep 04, 2009 09:05 AM |

I have collected a few links concerning molecular editors/viewers that could be relevant for OpenTox.

Molecular Editors

A screenshot of 3-D viewer Twirlymol

I have collected a few links concerning molecular editors/viewers that run natively in modern browsers. All are implemented in Javascript / Ajax. That is, no plugins are required for any of them. So, here is the list:

  • jsMolEditor
    Description: "jsMolEditor is different from all the normal input plugins. It's in pure JavaScript, you don't need any runtime installed. It simply works on all modern web browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer."
    Author: Duan Lian
    License: LGPL
  • TwirlyMol

    Description: "TwirlyMol is my attempt to start over with a browser-independent Javascript vector graphics library. [...] It's ready to use for whatever you want. If you think about it, the code behind TwirlyMol can easily be adapted to displaying other types of 3D data, for example principal components graphs. "
    Author: Noel O’Boyle
    License: LGPL
  • ChemDoodle Web Components

    Description: "ChemDoodle Web Components are pure javascript objects [...] to solve common chemistry related tasks on the web. These components are powerful, fully customizable, easy to implement, and are free under the open source GPL license."
    Author: iChemLabs, LLC.

  • Molinspiration WebME Editor 2.6
    Description: Successor of the well-known JME Molecular Editor, which was a Java-Applet.
    Lincense: Commercial
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