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Initiation of EuroEcoTox network

Posted by Barry Hardy at Mar 14, 2011 09:44 AM |

A two year Coordinating Action titled “European Network for Alternative Testing Strategies in Ecotoxicology (EUROECOTOX) was launched last December 1st, 2010 addressing the goal of ENV.2010.3.3.1-1 Reduction of the use of animals in eco-toxicological safety testing.


The new EuroEcoTox network ( promotes cooperation between research centres, industry and other stakeholders in Europe devoted to the R&D and application of alternative ecotoxicity methods. It aims to integrate European activities and the exchange of knowledge, data and expertise between partners, to accelerate the R&D, and validation of new methods that seek to reduce, refine and replace the use of animals in ecotoxicology safety research.

The network is open to European researchers from universities, public research institutions, animal welfare and other non-profit organisations, specialised ecotoxicological testing companies and chemical companies working on alternative ecotoxicological test methods.

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